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Tool Time - Tool Sale!!

Stipple Brushes

Needle Tip Bottles - SALE

These empty plastic applicator bottles can be filled with paint, glue, and other craft supplies. The bottles' needle tips make application precise and clean. 1 oz. bottles. 6 bottles per package.

Price: $3.25 Sale: $2.60 each

Craft Knife

Craft & Hobby Knife - SALE

A simple, handy little knife for your craft room, the kind with blades that snap off to give you a fresh, sharp blade when you need one. Fully retractable, with a locking mechanism and anti-slip grip, for safety. Includes two spare blades and a pocket clip/blade snapper. 5-1/2" long.

Price: List: $3.50 Sale: $2.25

Calligraphy Set

Beginner's Calligraphy Set - SALE

A nice little set to get you started with either calligraphy or Chinese brush painting. The set includes 2 brushes, 1 porcelain brush rest, 1 ink stick with gold characters, and 1 ink stone. The back of the card has a few instructions. Package size is 5-1/2" x 7-3/4".

Price: $5.00 Sale: $4.00

Stipple Brushes

Color Dapplers - SALE

Color Dapplers are great for applying just a touch color from your stamp pad inks, pastel chalks, or watercolors. These wooden-handled applicators create a stippled or dappled effect for nice highlights and depth. Lightly touch a Dappler to a stamp pad or paint palette to get elegant shading effects. Try it with templates or stencils, too! 3" tall. [Note: Very similar to JudiKins' Color Dusters, which are currently unavailable.]

Price: $1.50 Sale: $1.35 each

1-Step Looper

1-Step Looper Tool - SALE

This 1-Step Looper from Vintaj and Beadsmith trims and loops headpins and eyepins in one simple step. Makes a perfect loop next to your bead and cuts off the excess pin. Teal comfort grip handles. Easy to follow directions on the packaging. Watch it in action on the Beadsmith YouTube video.

New Lower Price!

Price: List $32.00 Sale: $21.00

Tonic 817

Tim Holtz Scissors - SALE

Tim Holtz non-stick micro serrated scissors by Tonic:
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Non-stick coating minimizes adhesive build up
  • Extra large Kushgrip Handles for comfort and less fatigue
  • Micro serrated edge great for detail cutting
  • Protective plastic cap for sharp pointed blade
  • Excellent cutting on all types of material including sheet rubber, vinyl, and adhesive-backed papers
  • 6-3/4" overall

Price: $12.00 Sale: $10.70 [List: $14.25]

2 Scoops

Scoops + Spoons - SALE

Little Scoops and Spoons are perfect for scooping out fine powders like PearlEx and other powered pigments, glitter, embossing powders, confetti, tiny beads, etc. You'll want them for lots of uses in your craft room!

  • Tiny Scoop is a half-sphere, holds 0.15 ml, and is 3-1/4" long. Polystyrene.

  • Small Scoop has a flat bottom with flared sides, holds 1.0 ml (~1/4 of a teaspoon), and is 2-7/8" long. Polystyrene.

  • Little Spoon is a black spoon with a long, slender handle and is 4-1/4" long. It holds a bit less than 1/4 teaspoon. Plastic.

Price 6 for $1.00 Sale: $0.70

Assortment - 2 of Each
3 Tiny + 3 Small
6 Tiny
6 Small
6 Black Spoons


Mr. Misty - SALE

Very small 3-piece misters. Just the thing for spraying dye inks, alcohol inks, watercolor solutions, water, even Easter egg dyes. Not for thick paints, acrylic paints, or pigment inks because they would clog it up.

Click the image to see the individual pieces - bottle, pump, and cap. Polypropylene. 3" tall. Holds 5 ml (about 1 teaspoon).

Price: 5 for $3.25 Sale: $2.00

Sold Out


Mr. Pipette - SALE

Tiny pipettes or droppers are perfect for filling Mr. Misty! Also useful for dropping inks while marbling or whenever you need to add a few drops of liquid to something. No markings, but they hold about 4 ml, a bit less than 1 teaspoon. Made to be disposable, so they are lightweight, thin Polyethylene. 3-3/8" long. Shown with Mr. Misty in the larger image.

Price: 9 for $1.00 Sale: $0.75

Zip-A-Roos - SALE

Wonderfully useful little plastic baggies with zippers. Every craftsperson needs them to contain their bits and bobs. We use them to package up orders and purchase them by the thousands, thereby getting a great price. They are 2 mil reclosable poly bags. Sizes are inside dimensions measured flat. The zipper is on the side listed first.

Sold Out

SkyBluePink is closing permanently in May 2017!

Please order any supplies you will need soon to avoid finding them out of stock later.

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