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Hardware for Art

Not your Father's Hardware Store! We've found an assortment of metal doodads that are perfect for mixed media projects - altered books, shrines, special treasure boxes, purses, etc.. Many of them are liglht enough to work on greeting cards and other papercrafts, too.


Gears! - SALE

Very cool solid brass gear replicas! Great for time themes or steampunk designs. Three styles: solid, with center spokes, or open centers. Three sizes of each. Large: 1". Medium: 3/4". Small: 5/8".

Price: $1.10 per set (unless otherwise noted) Sale: $0.85

4 Small Solid
4 Small Spoked Out
4 Small Open

3 Medium Solid
3 Medium Spoked
3 Medium Open

1 of Each Solid (3) $0.94 $0.75
1 of Each Spoked (3) $0.94 $0.75
1 of Each Open (3) $1.19 $0.95

1 of Every One (9) - $3.50 $2.65

2 Large Solid
2 Large Spoked
2 Large Open


Coils O'Cool - SALE

Industrial Chic with our Coils O'Cool! A plethora of wire springs in various sizes and styles, all industrial quality. Contains extension, torsion, and compression springs, according to the package.

Price: 15 for $1.00 Sale: $0.50 <--- New Lower Price!


Large Coils O'Cool - SALE

More Industrial Chic with our larger springs! Another assortment of wire springs, all industrial quality. Great for larger assemblage work or... ???

Sold Out

Copper Nails

Copper Nails - SALE

Copper-covered steel nails. Use them in multimedia projects like assemblages and even jewelry. 5/8" long.

Price: 25 for $1.00 Sale: $0.75

Dorchester Glouster Hampstead New Castle
Dorchester Glouster Hampstead Newcastle

Ornamental Escutcheons

Resin copies of old escutcheons or drawer keyholes, in two sizes. With their flat backs and light weight, these nicely detailed pieces are perfect for your journals, altered books, or even cards.

The small ones are roughly 1/4 of the size of the regular ones. Click the here to see the small and regular ones side by side.

Price: $1.50 Sale: $1.20

Price: $3.00 Sale: $2.40

Dorchester (1-1/4" tall)
Hampstead (1-1/2" tall)

Glouster (1-3/8" tall)
Newcastle (1-1/4" tall)

4 Small Newcastle (3/4" tall)

Glouster Newcastle
Glouster Newcastle

Whitewashed Ornamental Escutcheons

The same resin escutcheons we have above, but with a whitewashed finish. Use them as is or color them to match your color scheme. Only these versions are available in white.

4 Small White Newcastle (3/4" tall) $3.00 Sale: $2.40

1 Large White Dorchester (1-1/4" tall) $1.50 Sale: $1.10


Flatware - SALE

Wonderful small pieces of flatware, stamped out of medium-weight brass. Adorn your recipe swap or tie one onto the family recipe book you've compiled. Fork and spoon are 2.5"; the knife is a tiny bit taller.

Price: $0.77 each Sale: $0.38 <--- Our Wholesale Price!

1 Fork

1 Spoon Sold Out
1 Knife Sold Out

Fancy Oval Latch

Fancy Oval Latch
- SALE -

Another fancy latch with scrollwork of a flower and leaves. Use on boxes, gourds, and other 3-D projects. Antique brass finish. 1-3/4" tall x 1-5/16" wide.

Price: $1.00 Sale: $0.65

Butterfly Latch

Butterfly Latch
- SALE -

A fancy two-piece latch with a butterfly on the latch. Antique brass finish. 1-1/2" diameter.

Price: $1.00 Sale: $0.65

Hook Latch

Hook Latch
- SALE -

A nice simple latch with a hook that swivels and goes through the hole on the bottom piece. Use on boxes, gourd purses, and other projects. Antique brass finish. 1-3/8" tall x 1-1/8" wide.

Price: $0.75 Sale: $0.50


Shiny Hinge Latch
- SALE -

Shiny brass latch that looks like a hinge. In the larger image, the small loop is shown sideways. 1-3/4" wide x 5/8" tall.

Price: $0.75 Sale: $0.50

Fluted Disk with Ring

Fluted Disk with Ring
- SALE -

This Fluted Disk has a ring on the front and two prongs on the back, like a brad (paper fastener.) The fluted disk and the ring are each 3/4" in diameter. Antique brass finish.

3 Fluted Disks $1.00 $0.65
12 Fluted Disks $6.00 $3.50

Lion Heads

Lion's Head Pulls
- SALE -

Brass pulls in the shape of Lion's Heads would make a fun addition to your altered book, shrine, collage, or even jewelry. Nicely detailed and the ring lifts. The back is flat with an indent where the face is. Background rosette is 3/4" across. Antique brass finish.

2 Lion Heads $1.00 $0.65
12 Lion Heads $6.00 $3.50
50 Lion Heads $25 $14.00


Keyhole Plates
- SALE -

Sturdy brass plates with keyhole-shaped cut outs. Not easily bent, yet thin enough for all your altered books or even an ATC (Artist Trading Card.) They are 9/16" x 11/16".

Price: 2 for $1.00 Sale: $0.65

Dinky Key Chains

Dinky Key Chains
- SALE -

Small key chains to dangle from your projects. The large end opens so you can slip on something with a loop, like a key or a charm. 2" long. Antique Brass finish.

Price: 4 for $1 Sale: $0.65

Ribbon Buckles

Ribbon Buckles

Brass slide buckles made to slip on ribbons. Unlike a buckle on a watch band, there is no prong that goes through a hole, just a bar across the middle (which is behind the ribbon in the picture.) A nice finishing touch to an altered book cover or a greeting card. Use one as a closure by sewing the ribbon end around the middle bar.

They are numbered according to the larger photo (click the small one), Left to Right, 1 through 6. The largest ribbon width that would work with each buckle is given below. They range from 1-1/8" to 3/4" tall.

1. Fancy Oval (3/8" ribbon) - 2 for $1.00 Sale: $0.80
2. Pointed (1/8" ribbon) Sold Out

3. Filigree (3/8" ribbon) - 2 for $1.20 Sale: $0.95
4. Scalloped (3/8" ribbon) - 2 for $0.80 Sale: $0.65
5. Rectangular (3/8" ribbon) Sold Out

6. Very Fancy (3/8" ribbon) - 2 for $1.15 Sale: $0.95

8. Fancy Pointed (1/8" ribbon) (no picture) - 2 for $0.80 Sale: $0.65

Set with 1 of each (total 5) for $2.45 Sale: $1.95

Ball Chain Ball Chain
Connectors Connectors Nickel Bell Yellow Bell
Connectors Bells

Ball Chain - SALE

Ball Chain, which is also known as Shot Chain, Bead Chain, or That Key Chain Stuff, is available by the foot. This is steel, plated with either nickel or gilt (gold color), size #2.4 (2.4mm). Very handy for making your own necklaces or key chains, but we're sure you will find uses for it in your altered books, shrines, etc.

Add-ons Bells go on the end of a chain, like on a ceiling fan pull chain. Or use them to keep beads from slipping off the end. Connectors make a loop out of a length of chain, slipping over the last ball on each end. All available in nickel or gilt.

Chain: $0.40 Sale: $0.30 per foot   (add more in the Shopping Cart)
100 Foot Spool: $35 Sale: $18.00 <- - - New Lower Price!
Connector: $0.09 each Only Nickel are left

Bell: $0.16 each Sold Out


Fancy Hinges

Two Fancy Hinges - SALE

Fancy hinges for your Altered Books, Shrines, boxes, or journals. Metals are hard to scan, but both styles come in shiny gold tone or shiny nickel. Opens 270º, or 3/4 of a full circle. In other words, a cover would open completely flat, and then go another 90º backwards. 2-5/8" x 5/8" or 1-3/4" x 5/8". Includes screws.


Full Fancy, Gold 2 for $0.95 Sold Out

Full Fancy, Nickel 2 for $0.95 Sale: $0.75

Half Fancy, Gold 3 for $1.00 Sale: $0.80
Half Fancy, Nickel 3 for $1.00 Sale: $0.80

Hinges A B C

Hinges - SALE

Tiny hinges are perfect for your jewelry, shrines, and other projects. Lightweight brass plated with 18k gold or nickel. B, C, D and E come with matching screws; A does not.

Price: A, B, C are 5 for $1.00 Sale: $0.80
Price: D are 3 for $1.05 Sale: $0.84
Price: E are 2 for $0.90 Sale: $0.72

Hinges D E

A 1/2" Squared Silver (no screws)
A 1/2" Squared Gold (no screws)

B 1/2" Rounded Silver
B 1/2" Rounded Gold

C 5/8" Rounded Silver
C 5/8" Rounded Gold

D 7/8" Scalloped Silver
D 7/8" Scalloped Gold

E 1-1/8" Ornamental Silver
E 1-1/8" Ornamental Gold

SkyBluePink is closing but whilst we wind things down, you can still order from what is left of our stock.

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