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Nature Inspired

Bamboo Tiles - SALE

You will find many uses for Bamboo Tiles in your crafting, from jewelry to purses. Decorate them with stamps, embossing powder, decoupage, paint, decals, etc. Each has two holes drilled lenthwise, so they're easy to attach to each other or your projects. 0.75" x 1.5". 12 per packet.

Natural $1.50 Sale: $0.80
Black $2.50 Sale: $1.25
Cherry Red $1.50 Sale: $0.80
Light Brown $1.50 Sale: $0.80
Dark Brown $1.50 Sale: $0.80

20 Dark Brown Mini-Tiles Sale: $0.80 <--- NEW!


Chinese Chopsticks - SALE

Way cool chopsticks for your Asian projects or dinner parties. These aren't your average, cheap chopsticks. These are nicely finished bamboo and they come already detached. No rubbing off the splinters with these babies! You'll get a selection from our ever-changing assortment of styles, all 9" long, in red wrappers with Chinese characters. Perfect for bookbinding and many other Oriental-themed projects. Or your next Chinese feast!

Price: 10 Pairs for $1.00 Sale: $0.60

Sold Out

Mica Fragments

Mica Fragments - Sale

Random-sized flakes of beautiful, natural mica will provide your artwork with a pearly sheen. Apply generously over any adhesive or sprinkle into melting embossing powder for a new look. Fragments may be crushed for a smaller particle size.

Shaved Ice is glitter taken to the max. These large, irregular chunks of bling will spice up any project with the snowy look of a winter day. You'll love what happens to this reflective product when it melts into embossing powder!

Both Stampendous products come in 0.67 oz (19 g) jars, which is about a half cup of flakes. To see closeup images of the flakes, click the names below. The clear iridescent Shaved Ice looks multicolored because it scatters light like a rainbow.

Price: $5.00 Sale: $3.50

Sold Out

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Please order any supplies you will need soon to avoid finding them out of stock later.

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