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Odds & Ends

Toil & Trouble Stickers

Spellbound Stickers - SALE

Epoxy glitter stickers from Making Memories with a Halloween theme. Most have appropriate words like "vampire" or "eek!" but others are spooky images like crows, a skull, and a pumpkin face. 57 stickers per pack.

Price: List: $4.00 Sale: $2.00

Toil & Trouble Stickers

Toil & Trouble Stickers - SALE

Epoxy glitter stickers from Making Memories with a Halloween theme. Most have appropriate words like "witch" or "oct 31" but others are bats, ghosts, and pieces or candy. 56 stickers per pack.

Price: List: $3.00 Sale: $1.00

Wire Hangers

Wire Hangers - SALE

Our tiny little Wire Hangers, meant for doll clothes, come in black wire. A cute addition to cards, ATCs, and other projects. Only 2" wide.

Price: 5 for $1.00 Sale: $0.60 <- - - New Lower Price!

Awesome Compasses

Awesome Compasses - SALE

Plastic compasses that seem to work. Tiny is 1/2" across; Small is 3/4" across. Both are 1/4" thick. Packet of 3.

Price: $1.00 Sale: $0.70 <- - - New Lower Price!

Tiny Sold Out

Key Sets

Antique Keys - SALE

Metal copies of Antique Keys, each with a flat back for easy gluing. Available in a set of all 6 different designs, or 3 of a single design with a choice of finish. Sizes range from 1-1/2" up to 2-7/8".

Price: 3 Keys for $1.10 Sale: $0.70 <- - - New Lower Price!

Set of 4 $1.46 Sale: $0.85 <- - - New Lower Price!

510 Antique Pewter
510 Brass Oxide Sold Out

513 Antique Pewter
513 Brass Oxide

514 Antique Pewter
514 Brass Oxide Sold Out


Irresistible Resistors

Another Techno-Trinket! These little Irresistible Resistors are the real deal: 1/4 watt resistors. While their scientific function may be mysterious, their artistic form is cool and the colorful little blobs have two wires for attachment! Bag of 50 mixed colors and sizes.

Price: $1.50 Sale: $1.00



Cool Techno-Trinkets for your collage or assemblage. Each cap is a little box that is open on the bottom. They can easily be glued on to a project or a hole drilled in the thin plastic. Give a modern techo-look to your artwork. KeyCaps can be any shade of beige, grey, black, or even white; the picture is just a sample.

We now have KeyCaps from laptop computers, which are flater and easier to glue onto your project.!

Price: 16 for $1.00 Sale: $0.70

Original Boxy style
Boxy & Flat
Hot Pink Boxy <--- NEW!

Copper Tags

Copper & Aluminum Tags - SALE

Fun tags in shiny copper or aluminum for your creative dreams. Use a ball point pen to engrave words, stamp and emboss them, run them through paper crimpers or punches, the creative uses are endless! Copper tags come with or without 9" copper wires. Aluminum tags have no wires. Tags are 3-3/4" x 3/4" and 0.005" thick.

10 Aluminum Tags $1.00 Sale: $0.75

20 Copper Wires (9") $1.00 Sale: $0.75

10 Copper Tags, No Wires Sold Out

Art Doll Face 1 Art Doll Face 2 Art Doll Face 3
Set #1
hands + feet not shown
Set #2 Set #3

Art Doll Stamp Sets - SALE

We have 3 sets of unmounted rubber stamps especially for the Munchkins and other small art dolls. But feel free to use them on cards, ATCs and other projects that need a little personality! You get four faces, two hands, and two feet. Unmounted rubber.

Price: $5.00 Sale: $2.80 <- - - New Lower Price!


Set #1
Set #2
Set #3 Sold Out


Basic Compass

Black plastic compasses are 1-1/8" across, 3/8" thick, and very lightweight. Possibilities in travel themes abound, just don't depend on them to get you home!

Sold Out

SkyBluePink is closing but whilst we wind things down, you can still order from what is left of our stock.

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