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2017 Calendars

New! Small padded calendars are so versatile. Glue them to greeting cards, make a calendar magnet or use the pages in an altered book. Printed in black and red on white paper, with padding glue across the top, just like a notepad. Click image to see all three sizes. The Large and Small ones have a cover page with a design and a small December calendar, but the other 12 pages look just like the Medium ones.

* Small: 1-3/4" wide, 1-1/2" tall, 13 months (starts with Dec.)
* Medium: 2-3/8" wide, 1-11/16" tall, 12 months.
* Large: 3" wide, 2-1/4" tall, with 13 months (starts with Dec.)

If you need very large quantities, please write for a price quote: .

Sold Out

Coasters - Beer Mats

Blank Coasters - Beer Mats

Wonderful blank chipboard in the form of drink coasters or beer mats! These coasters are an offwhite color, waiting for your decorating inspiration to take over. When used with colorful papers, they make perfect backboards for our Calendar Pads.

Since their function is to absorb liquid spills, using ink on them directly will probably feather out, but they could be pre-painted with acrylic or gesso to prevent that. 4" x 4" x 1/16".

10 Square Coasters $0.80
25 Square Coasters $2.00
50 Square Coasters $3.75
100 Square Coasters $7.00
250 Square Coasters $16.00

7gypsies Camden tags

7gypsies Camden Tags
- SALE -

Fun paper tags decorated with typical 7gypsies panache. Each pack has 20 printed cardstock tags: 2 each of 10 designs. Acid and lignin free. 2-1/2" x 4-3/4".

Price: $4.00 Sale: $2.50

Sold Out

Focus Cards

Collage Focus Cards

The original calligraphy for these beautiful cards was created by E. Roberta Altshuler, noted artist and calligrapher. She has graciously allowed us to purchase high-quality copies printed on glossy text-weight paper. Won't these look stunning in your next collage project!

The set has 68 different words, each on a 2-1/2" x 1-1/4" card. We've divided them into 4 unique sets of 17 words, or you can purchase a complete set. For lists of the words click here.

Any Set A through D is OK $3.00
Set A $3.00
Set B $3.00 Sold Out
Set C $3.00
Set D $3.00

Complete Set $10.00

Transparencies Transparencies Transparencies
Antique Cards Koi Mannequins
Transparencies Transparencies Transparencies
Medieval Trees Focus Cards 1
Transparencies Transparencies Transparencies
Focus Cards 2 Focus Cards 3 Focus Cards 4

Transparencies - SALE

Full sheets of wonderful images from Roberta at ERA Graphics, printed on transparencies! Each sheet is crammed full of various images in different sizes. Click the small image above to see all the images included. To see the details on the Antique Playing Cards, click here.

The Focus Cards are now available as transparencies! Click the small images to see the full sheets, each with 20 calligraphic words plus embellishments. A few words are duplicated across the sheets, but within one sheet, all 20 words are distinct.

For Roberta's tips on using these transparencies plus samples of her designs with them, click here.

Price: $3.00 per sheet Sale: $2.00


Antique Cards Sold Out
Koi Sold Out
Medieval Sold Out
Trees Sold Out

Focus Cards #1 Sold Out
Focus Cards #2 Sold Out
Focus Cards #3 Sold Out
Focus Cards #4 Sold Out

Hand Finished Paper

Pearl River Paper

Fancy hand-finished paper from China in an array of shiny and textured finishes. The scans can't do them justice due to the many metallic accents and the beautiful sheen of the papers. Click here for an extreme close up of sample sheets. The 6" x 6" sheets usually have 20 different designs per package. The ATC size has 50 sheets 2.5" x 3.5", and may have duplicate designs. Text-weight papers.

20 6" Square Sheets for $2.00 Sale: $1.60

50 ATC Sheets for $2.50 Sold Out

World Mix Stamps

Postage Stamps

Real postage stamps from around the world - large & small, old & new, a good assortment of colors, images, and countries. Stamps are so evocative of travel, foreign places, and interesting experiences. Use some on any project for an international flair. All stamps in a packet are different, unless noted otherwise.

Price: $2.00 - unless otherwise noted

World Mix (40 stamps, large and small)

Sports 20 stamps (Olympics, skaters, soccer, winter and summer sports)

Fauna Sold Out
Flora Sold Out

Religious Christmas Sold Out
Secular Christmas Sold Out


Napkin Collage Pack - SALE

Gorgeous Paper Napkins for collage and decoupage. Quality napkins from the better companies. Most are dinner napkins, 13"x13", but a few are guest towels, 16"x13", or cocktail napkins, 10"x10".

Each Collage Pack will have 20 different napkins, consisting of mostly florals, but there are a few birds, leaves, and all-over designs. The designs change as we get new supplies, but to view some typical samples, click these links: Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3

Price: $4.50 Sale: $3.00

Doilies Doilies Doilies
Doilies Doilies  

Lace Doilies - Sale

Royal Lace Heart Doilies are heart-shaped paper doilies with a solid center framed by intricate lace edging. A classic for kids' Valentine projects! Acid-free paper. 4". 24 per pack.

Price: $4.50 Sale: $3.40

Gold Foil
Pink Sold Out
Red Foil
Silver Foil

Shredded Money

Shredded Money
- Sale -

Direct from the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, bags of shredded U.S. currency! Greenbacks, apparently never used, cut up into many small pieces in assorted sizes and shapes. Probably misprints that never made it past inspection, as they seem all clean and bright. A 3" x 4" bag full, as shown in the larger picture.

Price: $1.00 Sale: $0.80

Sold Out

Red Envelopes

Chinese Red Envelopes
- Sale -

Used by the Chinese to give Lucky Money at various holidays and celebrations, these Red Envelopes are popular in Asian-themed art. You'll get a nice mixture of different designs, including simple gold on red and multicolored ones. 2-3/4" x 4". 8 Envelopes.

Price: $1.00 Sale: $0.80

Special Red Envelopes Special Red Envelopes

Special Chinese Red Envelopes

Very beautiful Chinese envelopes for giving gifts of money. Usually they are red, however we have acquired some in pale gold and sometimes even burgundy! Each package will have 6 different designs, similar to the designs you can see by clicking the 2 images above. Most are printed with high quality gold foil on heavier stock. Metals and reds don't scan well, sorry to say, but all are gorgeous.

Price: 6 different for $3.00

Joss Paper

Mixed Joss Papers

A mixture of many different types of beautiful Chinese ceremonial papers to adorn your Asian projects. The mixture has at least 30 sheets, most of them thin tissue paper. The mixture varies as our supply changes, but it will include most of the papers shown on the Joss Paper Page, plus others we have in smaller amounts and don't offer singly. These papers don't scan well, but they are very lovely!

Price: $3.50

game pieces

Game Pieces

A bag of 40+ pieces from games like Clue, Monopoly, Scrabble, Lego, Boggle, dominoes, dice, card games, checkers, chess, and othello.

Price: $3.00

Play Money

Play Money

40 assorted pieces of paper play money from a variety of games like Monopoly, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and The Game of Life.

Price: $2.00

Game Cards - SALE

40+ cards from games like Monopoly, Uno, Balderdash, Channel Surfing, Scruples, Clue, and many Trivial Pursuit editions - Baby Boomer, Genus, Silver Screen, and Junior. Pick from your favorite game, a Trivial Pursuit mixture, or an assortment.

Price: $1.00 Sale: $0.75



Pages of music from opera scores, sheet music, etc., make up this Silver Pennies Collage Pack. The pages are oversized and will be folded once. Ten pages per pack.

Price: $1.75

Wisdom of the Ages

This Silver Pennies Collage Pack contains book pages from encyclopedias, tomes on science and medicine, atlases, travel guides, dictionaries in various languages, etc. Most pages will contain drawings, photographs, scientific equations, maps, or other interesting things. You get at least 50 pages of wisdom!

Travel Wisdom packs are now available. These pages will come from travel books with nice pictures and maps, encyclopedia pages about a country or city, or foreign language books. For the travel-obsessed among us!

Price: $4.50

Wisdom of the Ages
Travel Wisdom



A whole pack of nothing but letters from games like Boggle, Scrabble, and UpWords, plus educational toys, beads, etc.. Only single letters and a few numbers, no words. They could be flat tiles or 3-D cubes or beads with holes, and any color, font, or size. Wood, plastic, or cardboard. 70+ pieces per bag. The image shows only a smattering of what's included.

Price: $4.50

Asian Objects

Asian Objects

Wonderful stuff from China, India, Japan, and Southeast Asia for all your Asian swaps or other Asian-themed projects. You'll find book pages, playing cards, game pieces, plus various other cool stuff. The picture shows only a part of a typical Asian Objects pack.

Price: $7.00

Sold Out



Artistic papers in many colors, sizes, and shapes: handmade, Thai marbled, metallic, scrapbooking, thick, thin, you name it. Give your artwork some pizzazz with a splash of fancy paper, without having to buy full sheets. Great for making ATCs. Pieces range from about 5" x 7" to 3" x 3".

Two ounces per pack, about 25 different pieces.

Price: $3.00

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink

A large bag of goodies, about 1/3 of a pound, perfect for any found-art collage. Could contain playing cards, leather scraps, plastic doodads, found objects, foreign book pages, interesting paper scraps, fibers, beads, and more. Who knows what we'll add next!
Price: $7.00



At least 15 different intriguing modern map pieces: countries, city streets, topographical, foreign language, nautical charts. Perfect for a travel theme!

Price: $2.50



Add a touch of mystery and intrigue to your artwork with our Words pack. Includes 20 pages from non-English books, 13+ languages including Japanese, French, Russian, German, Polish, and more. 20 pages.

Single languages are also available plus a pan-Asian variety, which has Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. The Asian Pack has the 4 languages labelled. All packs have 20 pages.

Price: $3.00

Asian Words
Chinese Words
French Words
German Words
Hebrew Words
Italian Words
Japanese Words
Korean Words
Russian Words
Spanish Words
Vietnamese Words

Dictionary Words

Another Words Collage Pack, consisting of pages from dictionaries: monolingual like English or French, and translating ones like English-French or German-Russian. Plus pages from specialized ones like children's, medical, or law dictionaries. 25 pages per pack.

Price: $3.00


Tickets - Sale

Different styles of admission tickets, 2" x 1" or 2" x 2". Many different styles; not all are pictured. Get all one style or an assortment of 14 different.

Price: 75 for $1.00 Sale: $0.80

SkyBluePink is closing permanently in May 2017!

Please order any supplies you will need soon to avoid finding them out of stock later.

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