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Glass Things

Light Bulbs

Wee Light Bulbs - SALE

Three sizes of real glass Light Bulbs! Wonderful for techno or Steampunk projects like charms, Tim's Configuration Boxes, shrines, etc. From left to right in the picture they are Cylindrical 1-3/16" tall x 3/8", Round 7/8" tall x 3/8", and Tiny 5/8" tall x 1/4".

Cylindrical 5 for $2.00 Sale: $1.50
Round 5 for $2.00 Sale: $1.50
Tiny 5 for $1.80 Sale: $1.35
Assorted - 2 of each bulbs $2.35 Sale: $1.75 <--- NEW!

Small Bottles Small Bottles Small Bottles Small Bottles

Glass Vials - SALE

Small glass vials - great tied to a Summer Journal with a bit of sand inside, or holding tiny seeds, beads or glitter. They are round with either real corks (Size A, B, C, F) or plastic stoppers with a tiny hole (Size D). The C and D vials are identical, only the tops are different. The new Size G has a black plastic screw cap. <--- NEW!

Sizes without the cork/stopper/cap:

  • A: 1-3/4" tall x 1/2" diam.
  • B: 3/4" tall x 3/4" diam.
  • C, D: 7/8" tall x 7/16" diam.
  • E: 1.5" tall x 13/16" diam.
  • F: 3/4" tall x 1/2" diam.
  • G: 1-3/8 tall x 9/16 diam.

Size A: 12 with stoppers $2.00 Sale: $1.50
Size B: 12 with corks $2.00 Sale: $1.50

Size C: 12 with corks $2.00 Sale: $1.50

Size D: 12 with stoppers Sold Out
Size E: 4 Amber (no corks) $0.90 Sold Out
Size E: 4 Amber with corks Sold Out

Size F: 6 Round-Bottom with corks $2.00 Sale: $1.50
Size G: 5 Vials with Screw Caps $2.00 Sale: $1.50

Magnifying Lens

Eccentric Magnifying Lens
- SALE -

A rather eccentric-looking gold-rimmed Magnifying Lens with a metal projection or handle. The little knob is the join that keeps the metal rim on the lens. Steam Punk, anyone? 1" diameter, with 3/4" stem.

Price: $1.50 Sale: $1.00

SkyBluePink is closing permanently in May 2017!

Please order any supplies you will need soon to avoid finding them out of stock later.

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