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art (n)
creative work or its principles; a making or doing of things that display form, beauty, and unusual perception
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Transparencies Gallery

Roberta's ATCs

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The Queen's friend Roberta Altshuler has created wonderful ATCs with our new Transparency Sheets. She has also written some tips for using the sheets!

Tips for Using Transparencies

Transparencies are toner-printed copies on a clear background. Always check for the toner side (the design is black matte compared to the shiny background) and do your coloring on that side. Always paste the toner side down. This will insure that the design will not get scraped off or cracked in handling. You can also color over the lines and still have a neat looking design. If you must work with the toner side up, seal the design with a clear sealer once it dries.

Color -- My favorite coloring agent is a Pentel Arts Metallic brush pen. They come in 8 popping colors, are easy to use, require no clean up and last a long time. They are a little pricey, but well worth it.

Also consider alcohol inks and acrylic paints. All of these work well on the slick surface. Smooch Accent Inks are good also.

Glue -- After going around and around on this I have settled on a UHU liquid glue pen. I find it easiest to control and it does the job with the least amount of glue build-up. There are many clear glues out there that will work and probably glazes also. Make sure to check that the glue doesn't move the toner around on the background.

Most of my transparency sheets have designs that are scaled to use on ATCs or cards. I tend to pack an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet with multiples of each image and vary the sizes of the images so you can create layers on your cards.

Transparencies also work on dominoes, bamboo tiles, baked polymer clay tiles and beads, glass plates, glass lenses -- the list is endless. Enjoy and experiment.



Visit Roberta's web site to see her terrific rubber stamps! ERA Graphics online.

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