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Faux Ring On Base

Faux Ring On Base
- SALE -

An unusual charm that's hard to name. It's a ring hanging from a round base, but it is stamped all in one piece out of brass, and doesn't move. Attach it to your project and use the ring to thread fibers or ribbons. 5/8" tall x 7/16" wide.

Price: 4 for $1.20 Sale: $0.85

Teacup Tea Pot

Tea Cups and Tea Pots - SALE

A simple Tea Cup Charm, or maybe it's a coffee cup. Stamped out of brass, it's onesided. The larger scan is only for scale, as we couldn't get a good one. 3/4" wide, 3/4" tall with loop.

The Tea Pot Charm is stamped out of brass and onesided. 1" wide, 7/8" tall with loop.

3 Tea Cups $1.15 Sale: $0.80

3 Tea Pots Sold Out


Silverware Charms - SALE

Small stamped-brass charms of eating utensils. Having a recipe card swap or collecting everyone's favorite recipe? They would be darling attached to your project! 1-1/8" tall including loop.

Price: 6 for $1.10 Sale: $0.70

6 charms: 3 Forks, 3 Knives
6 Forks
6 Knives

6 Spoons Sold Out

We also have larger silverware pieces without loops over on the Hardware page!

Gloved Hand

Gloved Hand - SALE

A graceful, feminine right hand, aparently in a glove with an elegant cuff. Stamped out of lightweight brass and one-sided. The back side is hollow.

Price: 2 for $1.00 Sale: $0.70


Flat Hand Charms - SALE

Flat, stamped brass hand charms with a right and wrong side. But it's only a slight difference, so you can use these for either right or left hands. Brass or imitation rhodium (silvery). 5/8" tall.

Brass - 5 for $1.00 Sale: $0.75
Silver color - 4 for $1.00 Sale: $0.75


- SALE -

Little brass Eyeglasses! The top one shows a pair that has been flattened out. The bottom one is how they really look in 3-D. The middle section is 5/8" wide.

Price: 3 for $1.10 Sale: $0.75

Pearl Drops

Pearl Drops

Pearl Drop charms for all your glamorous creations! Manmade pearls with a nice luster in either round or teardrop shapes. Sphere is 5/16" diameter; teardrop is 5/16" x 1/8".

Sold Out

Paris Trip Charms

World Travel Charms - SALE

Fun little stamped brass charms for your vacation dreams. The Passport says "PASSPORT U.S.A". The suitcase labels say "London", "Paris", and "New York". All are very lightweight, one-sided, and the back is indented, not flat. The tower is the tallest at 3/4".

Just added, charms of Italian landmarks, the Coliseum in Rome and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. <--- NEW!

Price: 5 for $1.00 Sale: $0.75

Paris Trip 4 Charm Set (PARIS, Eiffel Tower, Passport, Suitcase)
Italy Trip 4 Charm Set (Coliseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Passport, Suitcase)

5 PARIS Words
5 Eiffel Towers
5 Coliseums
5 Leaning Towers of Pisa
5 Passports
5 Suitcases

5 Airplanes Sold Out

Crown Charms

Crown Charms
- SALE -

Stamped brass crown charms for your Royalty. Both have a hole at the top. Large is 7/8" wide x 13/16" tall. Small is 7/16" wide 1/2" tall.

4 Small $1.05 $0.75
3 Large $1.15 $0.75

Eiffel Tower Charm

Eiffel Tower Charms
- SALE -

A brass rendition of the symbol of Paris for your romantic or travel projects. 7/8" tall including the loop, with a plain, flat back. These are cast charms, not stamped ones, so they are heavier and sturdier. Click to see them enlarged.

Price: $0.54 Sale: $0.35 each

Fancy Key Charm

Fancy Key Charms
- SALE -

A cute little brass charm of a Fancy Key. 15/16" including loop. Package of 3.

Price: $1.00 Sale: $0.75

Clock Face Charms

Clock Face Charms
- SALE -

Fun little clock faces stamped out of raw brass. Can't you just see the White Rabbit looking at one? The large one has the center area cutout. Large 13/16" Small 9/16".

Price $1.00 Sale: $0.75

2 Large
5 Small

Word Charms- SALE

Word Charms

Lightweight brass disc charms stamped with words. Make art doll jewelry or journal jewelry or maybe even people jewelry! All are one sided and 1/2" across.

Price: 5 for $1.00 Sale: $0.80


Double Dragon

Double Dragon Good Luck Charm
- SALE -

A striking, hefty metal medallion to bring you luck! This Double Dragon Good Luck Charm is unusual and would look great on your next Oriental project. It has holes at top and bottom so you can attach it and also add something cool like a tassel. For a closeup, click here. 1-1/2"

Sold Out

Fairy Wish Door Fairy Wish Door Fairy Wish Door Fairy Wish Door
Dome Round Window Triangle Triangle w/ Window

Fairy Wish Door Pendants - SALE

Make magical necklaces with these adorable Fairy Wish Door Pendants! Each solid metal pendant has a door that opens and closes, held shut with a magnet. Write a wish on a wee slip of paper and hide it in the pendant so the fairies can make it come true. Matching charms below make nice earrings.

About 1" tall, plus the top loop, which runs parallel to the face so it lays flat in use. Sturdy metal with a flat back. All 4 designs are available in Antique Bronze or Silver color.

Price: $3.00 Sale: $2.00 purple: <- - - New Lower Price!

Bronze Dome

Silver Triangle Sold Out
Bronze Triangle Sold Out
Bronze Round Window Sold Out
Bronze Triangle Window Sold Out

Silver Dome Sold Out
Silver Round Window Sold Out
Silver Triangle Window Sold Out

Fairy Wish Door
The pendant doors open!

Chinese Coins

Chinese Coins - SALE

Metal reproductions of old Chinese coins with an antique brass appearance. The S, M, and L ones are very thin and lightweight, but the XL and XXL ones are hefty. L ones have the years the original was used on the other side; S and M have Chinese characters on both sides. Click the coin image to see the whole lineup. For a closeup of the XL and XXL dragon designs, click here.

Small are 9/16" (15mm). Medium are 3/4" (19mm). Large are almost 1" (24mm). XL is 1-3/8" (35mm) and XXL is 1-3/4" (46mm).

New Lower Price!

Small 9 for $1.00 Sold Out
Medium 8 for $1.00 Sold Out
Large 6 for $1.00 Sold Out
XL 5 for $1.00 Sold Out

XXL 1 for $0.50 Sale: $0.35
XXL 3 for $1.25 Sale: $0.90

Dragon Coins

Dragon Coins
- SALE -

A dramatic dragon wrapped around a Chinese coin replica. Heavy weight with antiqued brass finish. 1-5/8" overall.

Sold Out
Double Happiness Coins

Double Happiness Coins
- SALE -

Replica of an old Chinese coin as a charm. The two sides are different. Click the small image to see an enlargement showing both sides. About 7/8" tall.

New Lower Price!

Price: 10 for $1.00
Sale: $0.60

Dragon Coins

Scalloped Chinese Coins - SALE

Heavy weight brass coins in a lovely scalloped shape. Double dragons on one side, the Chinese zodiac and animals on the other. Top hole for hanging. 1-1/8" wide x 15/16" tall.

Sold Out

New Chinese Charms

New Chinese Charms - SALE

More brass Chinese charms, but very lightweight ones. They are not as sturdy or well made as the ones below. But they are less expensive, so they might work for you on ATCs and swaps. About 1/2".

Price: 10 for $1.00 Sale: $0.70

Chinese Charm A
Chinese Charm B
Chinese Charm C Sold Out

Chinese Charms - SALE

These charms are all the same bronze color and about the same size, 1/2" (13 mm). They all are two-sided charms, and only 3 of them are the same on both sides (#3, #5, and the Knife Money).

Prices: 3 of one style for $1.00 Sale: $0.70

#1 Good Luck

Sold Out

#2 Long Life

#3 Against Evil

#4 Wealth

Sold Out

#5 Double Happy

#6 Good Luck

Sold Out

#7 Peace/Safety

#8 Business/Wealth

#9 Good Luck

#10 Wealth

Heart Charm

Knife Money


SkyBluePink is closing but whilst we wind things down, you can still order from what is left of our stock.

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