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ATC, Etc.

We've found some really cool ATC accessories for holding, viewing, storing, preserving, and in general showing off your ATC or ACEO collections! Some are aimed at sports card collectors, but since ATCs are the same size, we're in luck. They fit perfectly!

Tangle Cards Tangle Cards

Tangle Cards - SALE

Zentangle is a fun and relaxing way to draw beautiful designs. Anyone can enjoy Zentangle, no special talent needed. And the decks come in a sturdy box so you can carry them with you wherever you go.

Inside you'll find 40 unique cards, each presenting an original tangle (pattern). Easy-to-learn steps for completing each tangle are provided on the back of each card.

Each ATC-sized deck is printed on artist quality paper and features 40 original tangles (one per card). Also included are 9 cards that feature basic instructions on the front and a mind-bending Zentangle puzzle on the back. Or try your hand with a pack of 20 blank cards for designing your very own tangles.

New Lower Prices!

40 Yoga for Your Brain - Totally Tangled Edition $10.00 Sale: $6.50
20 Blank Tangle Cards $4.00 Sale: $2.60

Mini Album

Mini ATC Album

A 2-ring binder that is acid-free, archival quality. The metal piece with the rings is attached to the back cover, not the spine, which means it opens completely flat for better card viewing.

The binder comes empty, but it holds up to 25 of the 4-pocket mini pages, which are available below. 8-1/4" tall, 7-3/4" wide, 2-1/2" spine.

Price: $5.00 Sale: $4.00

Mini Album 4-up Album Pages

Mini ATC Album with Pages - SALE

New! Get one Mini ATC Album with its Album Pages for our wholesale price!

Binder + 50 4-Pocket Pages for $8.00
Binder + 100 4-Pocket Pages for $13.50

4-up Album Pages 9-up Album Pages

ATC Album Pages - SALE

Looseleaf binder pages for your ATC collection! These page are super clear, very strong, and archival quality, with no acid, no PVC. Clear on both sides to show off the card backs, too. Provides UV protection for your artwork.

We have two sizes: the 4-card ones fit our 2-ring binder binder (above); the 9-card ones fit any standard 3-ring binder. Pocket size: 2-5/8" x 3-5/8". Small sheet is 6-3/16" x 7-11/16". Large sheet is 8-1/4" x 11-3/8".

4-Pocket - 10 pages for $2.30 Sale: $1.15
4-Pocket - 25 pages for $5.50 Sale: $2.75

9-Pocket - 10 pages Sold Out
9-Pocket - 25 pages Sold Out


ATC Mats

Frame your Artist Trading Cards or ACEOs! Acid-free mats made of 4-ply museum-quality mat boards cut on a 45-degree bevel to fit an ATC. The inside cut out is 2-1/4" x 3-1/4" to leave a full 1/8" around your ATC on the back. Single mats in white, cream, or black. Mat is 8" x 10" so it fits all standard picture frames.

Price: $1.00 [List: $2.00]


Black Sold Out
White Sold Out

Assorted Canvas Watercolor

Strathmore ATC Packs - SALE

This line of artist paper packs feature downsized versions of the same Strathmore papers that artists use for their full-sized art, conveniently cut to the official ATC size, 2.5" x 3.5".

  • Assorted Pack
    Contains 2 sheets each of Vellum Bristol, Smooth Bristol, Canvas, Textured, and Watercolor. Contains 1 sheet each of Illustration Board and Acrylic. [NOTE: This is a heavy paper meant for acrylic paints, not a piece of acrylic plastic.] 12 cards per pack.

  • Canvas Paper
    A canvas-textured paper for techniques with oils and acrylics. 300 Series Canvas Paper. 10 cards per pack.

  • Watercolor
    Our intermediate grade watercolor paper is popular with watercolorists of all levels. Acid free, Cold press surface. 400 Series Watercolor, 140 lb. 10 cards per pack.

Price: $2.50 Sale: $1.90

Canvas Paper

AssortedSold Out
Watercolor Sold Out

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