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Our cool collection of things for you to alter! Our line of Alterable Books is named Possibilities because that's what they will give you.

Coasters - Beer Mats

Blank Coasters - Beer Mats

Wonderful blank chipboard in the form of drink coasters or beer mats! These coasters are an off-white color, waiting for your decorating inspiration to take over. When used with colorful papers, they make perfect backboards for our Calendar Pads, or make small book covers with them. They should work in die cutters like the Sizzix, as well, and you would have both the die cut and the surrounding coaster with a shaped hole!

Since their function is to absorb liquid spills, using ink on them directly will probably feather out, but they could be pre-painted with acrylic or gesso to prevent that. 4" x 4" x 1/16".

12 Blank Coasters, Square $1.00
100 Blank Coasters, Square $7.00

Ultra Mini

Ultra Mini Canvas - SALE

Very little stretched canvases, only 2" x 2" or 2" x 3"! Made from 11-ounce double-primed, premium cotton canvas. Acid-free. Titanium priming accepts oils, acrylics, casein, alkyds, and other water-based media. 3/4" deep.

Claudine Hellmuth told us about them at a trade show. She decorates several and attaches them to a larger background piece. We had several good ideas submitted by customers, too. Covers for wee books. Mini accordion screen shrines. Frames for inchies. Pendants or broaches.

Price: $1.25 Sale: $0.85 [List: $2.00]

2" x 2" Sold Out

2" x 3" <--- More Than 40 In Stock!

blank book

Possibilities Blank Books

Completely empty, inside and out, Possibilities are just waiting for your creative touch. The covers are made with the same materials as a normal hard-bound book: a chipboard base covered with durable, uncoated paper. The inside pages are made with a very high quality 65lb 7pt white vellum return card stock, which reminds us of artist's sketchbook paper. And it's all acid free.

Stamps, acrylic paints, markers, colored pencils, watercolors, etc., can be used on the covers and pages of our blank books. Permanent markers are not recommended, but, hey, who are we to limit your creativity?

We have 6 different Possibilities Blank Books in three sizes. (Note: All sizes are Width x Height with the spine on the left. Portrait is bound on the long side; landscape is bound on the short side.) The small ones come in portrait, 6-3/8" x 8-1/8" or landscape, 8-1/8" x 6-3/8". The Fat Portrait is the same size but has more pages.

The Large Blank Books come in portrait, 8-3/8" x 11", or landscape, 10.5" x 8-3/8". The Large Journal is in portrait orientation and has a lot of pages, which makes it good for a journal or sketchbook.

For help with straightening out your penmanship, get a Possibilities Line Guide. This heavy cardstock insert has dark black lines printed on it that will show through the paper in our blank books. One side is multi-part lines for beginners; the other is adult lines. Four styles to match our books: small or large, portrait or landscape.


Small Portrait: 28 pages (14 sheets) $4.00 Sold Out
Small Fat Portrait: 60 pages (30 sheets) $5.00 Sold Out
Small Landscape: 28 pages (14 sheets) $4.00 Sold Out

Small Portrait Line Guide $0.30
Small Landscape Line Guide $0.30

Large Portrait Line Guide $0.36
Large Landscape Line Guide $0.36

Large Portrait: 28 pages (14 sheets) $4.90 Sold Out
Large Journal: 92 pages (46 sheets) $6.30 Sold Out
Large Landscape: 28 pages (14 sheets) $4.90 Sold Out

Possibilities Board Books
- SALE -

Possibilities Blank Board Books are just like those kids' books with ultra thick pages, only they are all white and open to your creative urges. Each one has eight blank inside pages plus blank front and back covers - 6 boards total with 12 surfaces to alter. The Medium and Large ones are bound on the long side.


Large 8" x 11" $4.00 Sold Out
Square 5" x 5" $2.60 Sold Out
Medium 6" x 8-3/8" $3.30 Sold Out
Square 8" x 8" $3.40 Sold Out

Callout 1Possibilities Comic Book Possibilities Comic Book

Possibilities Comic Books - SALE

More Possibilities in the form of empty Comic Books! Frames for drawing and writing comics are printed on quality paper and staple-bound in a cardstock cover. Eight pages (4 sheets) plus covers. 8.5" x 11". Click the image above to see the layout of each of the pages.

Splat 2 Possibilities Comic TemplateCallout 2

What goes perfectly with a blank Comic Book? A plastic template for drawing those little thought balloons, speech balloons, and other shapes to put words in. Each Word Balloon Template is made of sturdy, flexible plastic with 16 balloon shapes for you to draw, as shown above. Great on a card or ATC with your rubber stamps of animals or people, too. Or sponge the ink on for a different look.


Comic Book $1.50 Sale: $1.20 --- only 2 left!!!!

Comic Book 5-Pack Sold Out
Word Balloon Template Sold Out
Comic Book + Template Sold Out
Comic Book 5-Pack + 1 Template Sold Out

SkyBluePink is closing permanently in May 2017!

Please order any supplies you will need soon to avoid finding them out of stock later.

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